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I've had the pleasure of working with Brent for a few years now and have found him to be a true professional both in and out of the booth! He typically nails the read with his audition, but we bring him into record in the booth anyways because we truly enjoy his company... He understands nuance and inflection, takes direction extremely well and has a sixth sense about what we're after in terms of delivery. When we're in a pinch, Brent has recorded quickly via phone patch from his professional grade home studio. And even when he's thousands of miles away, if we need him; he figures out a way to make it work and get us what we need ASAP. I highly recommend Brent (as long as it's not for a competitive brand). ;)


Matthew Coates - KOVELLFULLER- Ad Agent for CashCall Mortgage(current client), Time-Warner Cable, Sizzler and many more

Brent always brings something special to every Honda spot he voices. He served as the voice of our "Easy Going Campaign" for 3 years and that doesn't happen by accident!. He not only brings his great voice to our sessions, but great creative ideas that take our commercials to the next level!


Tony Durkett - MEADSDURKETT- Advertising Agent for SoCal Honda

Brent does an awesome awesome job for us and we've been more than happy with his work. Thank you for all of it! I've been nothing but pleased with all the work you've done with the LeapFrog Lit Bits books!


"I think he made this product! I can't imagine having recorded the 8 books we completed with anyone else. He's a great voice talent and it's always a pleasure when we work together.


Tom Mott- TomMott Studios-Advertising Producer for LeapFrog's LeapPad Reading products

When I have a high profile project for HP or Oracle, Brent is my go to guy! I have worked with Brent for the last 8 years servicing the many divisions of HP and Oracle. He just gets it! Whether it be SuperComputing or Printing or Commercial Brent delivers the goods! Industrial sales video, customer testimonial, or live.


John Lawrence -IWC- Advertising Agent for multiple divisions of Hewlett Packard

I've worked with Brent for the last 8 years in the world of Voiceover as a an end-to-end VO producer and agent. I can say without hesitation that he is one of my most bookable talents! He is reliable, prompt, consistent, professional and most important versatile! Whether your product is food or electronics, whether your genre is videogames or commercial, Brent can do it all!


James Mandell- Owner/Agent VoiceOver LA

Brent's work on "The Wire" series was rock solid! He immediately grasped our unique project needs (TV narration for the visually-impaired) and fit right into our team! He was a ton of fun and an absolute pleasure to work with!


Justin Sohl- Hollywood Access Services

I call Brent "Sophie's Choice" because his reads are all so solid that it makes it very tough to pick the best one. Whether he is promoting one of our comedies like "Two and A Half Men" or "The Big Bang Theory" or one of our dramas like "One Tree Hill", Brent brings some "special sauce" to every single promo!


Nick Hyman- Producer for Warner TV International


"I've worked with a lot of talent in the voice over world and I can honestly say Brent Schraff is hands down one of the most talented vo artists I've ever worked with. He is able to handle everything that is thrown at him with total professionalism and ease. With a natural gift for pacing and amazing breath control, he is simply a pleasure to work with. BJ is one of the best voices in the business and I would go out of my way to work with him on any given day".




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